About us

We are RoboSapiens, the high school robotics team of “Spiru Haret” National College, Bucharest. We were formed in 2016 by our mentor and Physics teacher Dumitrescu Petronia. Every year we take part in the First Tech Challenge, being one of the first Romanian teams to sign up. We are always eager to take up the challenge since it deals with real-life problems. This helped us gain a better understanding of the world surrounding us.

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Our goal

With every new season, we want to improve and build a better robot than the one before. Our main target each time is to perform our best in order to reach the Nationals.

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Team departments

Who are the students behind the robots?


The making of the CAD project and  modeling the 3D printed parts


Mounting all subsystems to the chassis


Coding the teleop and autonomous program


The bond between the team and community